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Our robust epoxy flooring solutions can be tailored to provide lustrous high-gloss finishes or can be blended with aggregates to enhance slip resistance and fortify durability. The thickness of these epoxy systems can vary from 8 Microns to ½-Inch, tailored to the specific needs of your setting. Crafted with 100% solid epoxy, they are the epitome of resilience, offering unparalleled chemical resistance and slip prevention.

They are particularly suitable for:


Epoxy quartz flooring delivers a blend of aesthetic appeal and robust durability to any setting. Crafted from several layers of pure epoxy amalgamated with vibrant quartz aggregate, these systems stand up to wear and tear, thriving in diverse environments.

The popularity of quartz flooring systems soars especially for external pathways and promenades, but their versatility extends to pharmaceutical setups, hospitals, lounges, staircases, pool surrounds, eateries, manufacturing areas, and service zones.

With traits like slip-resistance, resilience against chemicals, lasting durability, and UV immunity, these flooring systems are tailor-made for spaces like:


Comprising multiple layers of pure solid epoxy, vinyl flakes, and UV and chemical resistant topcoats, epoxy flake flooring solutions ensure slip and chemical resistance across various settings. This system’s low maintenance requirements make it a top pick for commercial environments. Its resilience against heavy foot or light vehicular traffic pairs with a terrazzo-inspired look, offering visual appeal.

Epoxy flake flooring is a prime choice for venues previously reliant on Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) due to its minimal maintenance needs. Across its lifespan, epoxy flake flooring consistently outshines VCT solutions in both performance and cost-effectiveness. Unlike VCT which needs routine stripping and waxing and remains susceptible to moisture vapor intrusion, epoxy solutions thrive with their moisture-resistant properties and the elimination of regular stripping and waxing.

Perfectly suited for:


Crafted with meticulously curated metallic pigments, our Metallic Epoxy designs bring forward unparalleled color variations, infusing every floor with a profound artistic touch. A sublime choice for both residential and commercial spaces, these flooring solutions are not only a cinch to maintain but boast longer durability and a standout visual appeal that is second to none.

Our Metallic Epoxy floorings can be tailored to mirror the appearance of granite, marble, stone, water, or even cloudscapes. The exceptional outcomes largely depend on the artisanal expertise of the contractor, an arena in which we take pride in being unparalleled.

Environments that shimmer best with Metallic Epoxy include:

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