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American Epoxy Floors FL is proud to be certified and trusted by top manufacturers, ensuring our clients receive flooring solutions that truly last.
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We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing high quality service in the most professional way possible, all at an affordable price.

Let’s your home speak it’s own beauty!

Experience the unmatched durability and beauty of our epoxy flooring installations at American Epoxy Floors FL. Crafted with 100% solid materials and compliant with VOC regulations, our seamless flooring solutions are designed to meet the varied needs of our valued clients. Not only are they resistant to chemicals, microbes, and daily wear and tear, but they are also formulated to keep moisture and stains at bay, ensuring a long-lasting finish for any environment.

Epoxy Floors Boca Raton | American Epoxy Floors Florida is a local Cmopany Based in Boca raton Florida.

Whether your space requires a flooring solution robust enough to handle intense industrial demands or something that exudes aesthetic charm, our epoxy flooring stands the test of time. Our dedicated team at American Epoxy Floors FL knows the intricacies of each component in the system and how they seamlessly merge to provide the optimal result. As your premier epoxy flooring specialists, we’re committed to guiding you from the design phase to the final installation.

Palm Beach County & Broward County

Reason To Choose American Epoxy Floors FL


We're a premium quality flooring company that provides customers with affordable installation of our variety of products.


Our beautiful & elegant epoxy floors hides dirt and stains quickly. It also provides up to three times more strength then traditional epoxy floors.


American Epoxy Floors FL are engineered to provide you with a long-lasting, extremely durable and beautiful flooring alternative.

Full Satisfaction

American Epoxy Floors FL provides fast, affordable, and high quality epoxy flooring services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Trusted Company

American Epoxy Floors FL is proud to be certified and trusted by top manufacturers, ensuring our clients receive flooring solutions that truly last. To explore how our epoxy flooring can elevate your space’s durability and appeal, reach out to us for a consultation or schedule a site visit with our experts. We’re here to transform your flooring vision into reality.

Experience Unmatched Quality with American Epoxy Floors FL

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