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Aerospace & Military Epoxy Flooring


When it comes to aerospace and military facilities, the flooring requirements are both specific and rigorous. These environments necessitate flooring systems robust enough to withstand heavy machinery, constant traffic, and the rigors of chemical exposure. From assembly zones, specialized labs, and maintenance hubs to jet-engine repair stations, seamless and steadfast flooring solutions are paramount.

Epoxy flooring from American Epoxy Floors FL brings a gamut of advantages tailored for the aviation and defense sectors, including exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, low-maintenance surfaces, and enhanced light reflectivity. We ensure that our epoxy and urethane flooring systems not only meet but exceed the aesthetic and environmental criteria specific to your facility.

Priding ourselves on quality, we exclusively use epoxy and urethane systems from the industry’s most esteemed manufacturers in the United States. Beyond just surface appeal, our flooring solutions promise top-tier performance, unparalleled impact resistance, resistance to chemicals, and skid-proof properties.

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